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Announcement in respect of Platelet Rich Plasma kits

According to the Product Listing Policy of Alibaba.com, Alibaba.com does not permit the listing of unauthorized medical devices. Members may only post authorized medical devices after provision of appropriate production and sales permits to Alibaba.com.

Platelet Rich Plasma kits will be classified as a controlled medical device on Alibaba.com due to its Class III classification by the China Food and Drug Administration.

If you are a manufacturer of such products, please provide Alibaba.com with official licenses or letters of authorizations issued by the relevant drug or health department in your country/region responsible for licensing the product for sale.

If you are a distributor of the product, please provide: (i) receipts and invoices from your supplier to show that you have obtained the products from a licensed supplier or manufacturer, as well as (ii) licenses or letters of authorizations from the supplier or manufacturer to show that it is licensed to supply or manufacture the product in the country of origin.

With immediate effect, Alibaba.com shall restrict the listing, sale and display of unauthorized medical devices such as Platelets Rich Plasma kits. Unauthorized listing, sale or display of such unauthorized medical devices is a violation of the terms of use of Alibaba.com.

Sellers shall remove unauthorized medical devices from their store on or before 5th February 2018. Alibaba.com reserves the right to remove listings or arrange the return of infringing products after this date, and apply penalties according to Alibaba.com rules and policies. 

(Reference: Alibaba.com Website Product Listing Policy “Medical Devices)


January 29, 2017