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Rules on Resolving Image Piracy Complaints

Version No.: August 7, 2017                                                                      Effective as of: November 1, 2017


Alibaba.com has been committed to acting in good faith and actively maintaining a good market order on the platform. In order to curb image piracy and enhance user experience, these Rules are hereby formulated in accordance with the Rules of Alibaba.com.


1. Definition of Image Piracy

Image piracy means any act of any user of using any image without the consent from the image owner and publishing such image on Alibaba.com.

The principle for handling any complaint is that the complaining party should be the information owner and no complaint from a third party will be accepted.


2. Rules of Penalty on Image Piracy:

If any complaint is justified: In respect of the account of the complained party, all complaints received and justified within 5 days after the first complaint is justified and solved shall be counted as one infringement, and 3 penalty points will be incurred; any new complaint that is justified and solved from the sixth day shall incur 3 penalty points; each of the subsequent complaints that is justified and solved shall incur 6 penalty points. Multiple complaints that are justified and solved within one day shall be counted as one infringement.

Refer to Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-compliance on Alibaba.com for the standards for handling the corresponding accounts (unless otherwise specified, the penalty points are cumulative on the whole site of Alibaba.com)


3. Process of Submitting and Responding to Image Piracy Complaints

4. Supplementary Provisions

1. Alibaba shall have the right to promptly amend these Rules based on the amendments to laws and regulations, changes in business environment or other reasons and to announce the same. The amended Rules will come into force as of the date specified in the announcement.

2. These Rules are an integral part of the Rules of Alibaba.com. In case of any inconsistency between these Rules and the Rules of Alibaba.com, these Rules shall prevail. For any matters not covered herein, the Rules of Alibaba.com shall apply.

3. If there is any inconsistency, discrepancy or conflict between the Chinese version and other language versions of these Rules, the Chinese version shall prevail.


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