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Notice on Policies regarding Impotence Treatment and Sexual Enhancement Products


Dear Sellers of Alibaba.com,


In light of the regulatory requirements and the high-risk nature of impotence treatment and sexual enhancement products, and in an effort to maintain a healthy platform, Alibaba.com has improved its policies related to sexual enhancement products. The new rules are as follows:


  1. Any product containing sexual function-related drug ingredients (such as sildenafil, tadalafil), regardless of whether the product has been declared with the relevant ingredients, will be prohibited from sale. These products include, but are not limited to, pharmaceutical products, supplements, topical skin products, sprays, essential oils, traditional Chinese medicines, food and other products that contain these ingredients.
  2. Any product that claims or suggests that it enhances sexual functions, including dietary supplements, foods, topical skin products and etc, which advertise effects such as delayed ejaculation or aphrodisiac qualities, will be prohibited for sale.




Tainted Sexual Enhancement Products


References of Drug Ingredients and Products

Alibaba.com Sexual Enhancement Related Drug Ingredients Reference List

Alibaba.com Sexual Enhancement Products Reference List


These lists are for reference only and does not guarantee completeness, accuracy, and timeliness.

Alibaba.com reserves the right to modify and supplement these lists.


This announcement will take effect on 12/29/2021. Sellers are further reminded that any listing and trading on Alibaba.com must be fully compliant with the applicable laws of destination countries and platform rules. In the event of any dishonest conduct, including but not limited to provision of any fraudulent product qualification or falsifying qualification, deceitful or exaggerated marketing, deliberate circumvention of platform rules, publishing of non-compliant information via instant communication, RFQ, live broadcasting, repeated violation of platform rules, publicly reprimanded by regulator, exposed by mainstream media or any serious violation of platform rules, Alibaba.com may, subject to the seriousness of relevant violation, imposed different penalties against the relevant seller, including but not limited to removal of product listings, deletion of products, deduction of points, restricted access on Alibaba.com, termination of account, and/or restricted sale of any or all products against certain countries. In addition, members are reminded to properly handle any in-transit orders for above products shipped before 12/29/2021. We recommend sellers to contact the buyers and cancel the orders. Sellers shall be responsible for any consequences that may arise from their failure to follow the rules and instructions.


Please contact Customer Service for any further queries.


Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.