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Announcement - Alibaba.com categories update


In order to improve the accuracy of product listings and enhance buyer experience, Alibaba.com will be updating categories from December 27 – December 31, 2021.

Why categories are being updated:

* The current selection of categories is not broad enough to meet the demands of many industries. This makes it difficult for suppliers to find suitable categories to post their products in.

* An updated category selection will improve search accuracy and subsequently the purchase efficiency of buyers.

Details of the update:

During the update period it will not be possible to post new products online. Products already posted online will not be able to be edited, and will be automatically moved to a new category, if necessary.

The category update will involve updating category names, adding new categories, and dividing categories into smaller groups. The following 15categories will be affected:

Apparel / Fabric & Textile Raw Material / Home & Garden /Fashion Accessories/ Home Textiles / Sports & Entertainment /Commercial Service Equipment/ Gifts & Crafts /Toys & Hobbies/Beauty & Personal Care/Electrical Equipment & Supplies/ Shoes & Accessories/ Renewable Energy/ Consumer Electronics/ Home Appliances


1. How will the update affect products that are already listed online? Products already listed online will be automatically moved to a new category, if necessary. Once the update is complete, you will be able to manually move your products into different categories if you prefer.

2. Why did my search ranking drop? Search ranking is affected by the relationship between keywords and categories. If your product was moved to a new category by the update, you may need to update the keywords in your product information.

3. Why can’t I find relevant RFQs by searching through categories? The category update may affect the accuracy of the RFQ search/recommendation function. If you are unable to find relevant RFQs through categories, please search using keywords.

4. Why is my product listed under “Miscategorized Products” in the Search Ranking Optimization Center? In rare cases, the category update may result in products mistakenly being moved to categories they are not related to. Please manually move the product to the correct category as soon as possible to ensure that buyers are able to easily find your product.

5. Why did my performance data change in Biz Trends? Category and industry related performance data will be impacted by the update.