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Restatement on Enhancing the Regulation on Electronic Cigarette Products


Dear Alibaba.com Members,

With evolving laws and regulations around the world, Alibaba.com has recently updated its platform rules governing the sale electronic cigarettes and related products in the following communications:


In view of new domestic and international regulations and enforcement surrounding the electronic cigarette category, Alibaba.com is stressing its platform rules as follows:


1. It is prohibited to list e-cigarette liquids, vape oils, disposable e-cigarettes, and any products containing e-cigarette liquids or vape oils. Any disposable e-cigarette and its related accessories and packaging, regardless of whether they are labeled with e-liquids information, are treated as prohibited disposable e-cigarettes. It is also prohibited to list any other e-cigarette products with information of e-liquids, including but not limited to ingredients, flavors, etc.


2. Any type of electronic cigarettes, accessories, and related products (including but not limited to lithium batteries for vape pen, e-liquids filling machines, and e-cigarette related packaging) must be posted to the designated category "Consumer Electronics> Electronic Cigarettes”, and are prohibited to be sold in the US. "


3. Any electronic cigarettes and accessories involving CBD, THC, Delta 8, Delta 9 and other controlled drug substances, will be prohibited and treated as drug paraphernalia.


Alibaba.com will continue to pay attention to related laws and policies in each country and adjust its regulation policies accordingly. Please take this matter seriously and comply with the laws and regulations of any domestic and destination countries, and the rules of Alibaba.com. For members to publish restricted and prohibited products, maliciously circumvent rules, intentionally post confusing product information, or intentionally list products in the wrong product categories, draft Trust Assurance orders to prohibited countries and other violations, depending on the severity of the situation, penalties may include but not be limited to delisting products, deleting products, deducting points, restricting the use of storefront functions, and closing accounts.


Please refer to the following link for the Chinese restatement published on 12/09/2021:



If you have any questions, call 400-826-1688. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.





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The Alibaba.com Team

December 20, 2021