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Prohibited Product Claims for Currency Related Products

Dear Alibaba.com members, 


This is an enhanced notice that Alibaba.com strictly prohibits the sale of any currencies, currency reproductions of any country, as well as the equipment and materials used to produce such items. The platform received complaints from the European Central Bank that there are merchants selling unlawful reproductions of euro banknotes on Alibaba.com. The appearance of the reproductions is not significantly different from the genuine euro banknotes. It may be used for illegal purposes and undermine the principle of social credit. Given the above and Section 11 of Product Listing Policy, any violations, including but not limited to the sale of reproductions of any coins and banknotes of Euro, U.S. dollar, ruble, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollar, and related products such as prop money, play money, products imitating a currency, etc., are subject to penalties imposed by Alibaba.com depending on severity.


Please refer to the following link for the Chinese announcement published on 06/19/2019: https://rule.alibaba.com/rule/detail/11000281.htm


Please contact Online Service for any further queries.


Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.