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Notice on Tightening the Control over Hazardous Chemicals


Dear members of Alibaba.com,


In order to ensure the transaction security for buyers and sellers on Alibaba.com, we will, in view of the particularities of the chemical industry, tighten the control over hazardous chemicals following the requirements of the laws and regulations such as《 the Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals》, 《the Catalogue of Dual-use Items and Technologies Subject to the Administration of Import and Export Licenses》, and 《the Regulations on the Administration of Precursor Chemicals》. The details are as follows:



1. For sellers that intend to list Restricted Chemicals, the following qualifications are required:

1) Only members from mainland China may list Restricted Chemicals;

2) Production-oriented enterprises: Work Safety License for Production of Hazardous Chemicals, Production License for Industrial Products, and Business License;

3) Business-oriented enterprises: Hazardous Chemicals Operating License and Business License


Sellers may submit the qualification materials by choosing Certification (Verified Suppliers) Center > Upload certificate > Industry Access Qualification, and then select Access to controlled chemicals from the Industry Access drop-down list.


2. Listing restricted chemicals shall comply with the following requirements:

1) Restricted Chemicals must be listed in the following categories, and CAS No. shall be provided. See attachment

2) Sellers shall list products according to the licensed scope specified on the license obtained.


3. Suspension of online trading of Restricted Chemicals

After December 3, 2021, online trading order for Restricted Chemicals will not be allowed, including Trade Assurance orders and Direct Pay orders.


For more information about hazardous chemicals, see the Announcement on Revising the Alibaba.com Rules for the Management of Hazardous Substances》.


Please properly handle the in-transit orders for the aforementioned products. We will keep track of policy changes in each country and adjust our control policies accordingly, including but not limited to expanding control scope, blocking related products by country, and prohibiting the sale of related products on Alibaba.com. For violations of this Notice or relevant rules of Alibaba.com, such as maliciously evading rules, deliberately confusing product information, intentionally placing products into improper categories, and falsely exaggerating products, Alibaba.com will impose penalties according to the severity of the violations, which include but are not limited to removing or deleting products, deducting points, restricting the use of website features, and closing accounts. If you have any questions, please consult online customer service.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.




November 22, 2021