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Announcement on Industrial Hemp Category Closure


Different countries and jurisdictions have different definitions of industrial hemp and its derived products (such as CBD) and users are reminded that they are required to comply with the regulations and rules in all of the markets where they operate as well as Alibaba Group’s applicable policies and platform rules. In light of the latest market and regulatory development on industrial hemp worldwide, it is hereby announced that the following seven categories will be closed on Alibaba.com effective from November 19, 2021:

Food & Beverage>Beverage>Soft Drinks>CBD Beverages    

Food & Beverage>Confectionery>CBD Chewing gum

Food & Beverage>Confectionery>CBD Sprays

Food & Beverage>Confectionery>CBD Candies 

Consumer Electronics>Electronic Cigarettes>Herb Vaporizers>CBD Vaporizers

Agriculture>Hemp>Raw Hemp Flower>Raw Hemp Flower

Agriculture>Hemp>Industrial Hemp Products>Hemp Powder        


We will delist all the products from these categories on November 27, 2021.


All Alibaba.com users are reminded to comply with the applicable laws of the destination countries of sales in promoting, selling and purchasing products on Alibaba.com. Listing, sales and purchase of products in violation of the applicable laws or the platform rules will result in delisting of the violating products and information and penalties in accordance with the relevant platform rules. Users should also be reminded that deliberate evasion of the platform rules (including, but not limited to, by selling, purchasing or promoting violating products using the platforms chat or communication functions or livestreamed broadcasts), and repeated violations will result in penalties including but not limited to delisting of the violating product listings, imposition of penalty points, temporary blocking of the relevant storefronts, restrictions on the access to the products and functions on Alibaba.com, freezing funds in accounts and permanent closure of the relevant accounts according to the relevant rules of the platform.  

The policy with respect to the industrial hemp may be subject to changes of applicable laws and policies from time to time and we, therefore, reserve the right to adjust the above platform rules accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitant to reach out to our online customer service.



November 19, 2021