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[RTS Market] Update Announcement on Tightened Control Over Misconduct Behavior of RTS Market Sellers

With the continuous development of the Ready To Ship (RTS) marketplace on Alibaba.com, buyers (hereinafter referred to as "the Buyer") are imposing higher requirements for RTS in terms of overall product information quality, capabilities to perform contractual obligations in transactions, and after-sales services. In this context, sellers (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller") must ensure that the published product details, prices, shipping fees, minimum order quantities (MOQs), lead time, and other information are authentic and valid so that the Buyer can directly place orders. The platform will strengthen the control over misconduct behavior of the Seller in the RTS market by monitoring such misbehavior and processing the Buyer's complaints. The details are as follows:


I. Breaches of undertakings under the tightened control:


1.General breaches: (Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions on Alibaba.com in effect)

a.The Seller fails to give the Buyer privileges such as discounts, gifts, and services other than the product itself as undertaken.

b.The Seller fails to provide the Buyer with after-sales services such as the accessories, repair, warranty of quality, and return or change of products as undertaken.

c.The Seller fails to fulfill the service undertakings in accordance with the marketing rules or service agreement.

d.The Seller fails to fulfill other undertakings (unless otherwise specified).


2.Serious breaches:

a.After an RTS order is placed or becomes effective, the Seller asks the Buyer to pay extra or cancel the order on the pretext of, for example, incorrect product information, out of stock, low shipping fee, incorrect unit price, or incorrect MOQ.

b.Other deeds confirmed by the platform that hinder the Buyer from directly placing orders in the RTS marketplace.



II. Penalties for the aforementioned breaches of undertakings:


The platform has opened a channel to collect the Buyer's complaints about the aforementioned breaches. Once a buyer complaint is justified and confirmed by the platform or if the platform finds any undertaking breaches in spot check, the platform will deduct 3 points for each general breach from the Seller's account in accordance with Article 4 Breach of Undertakings in Section Ⅰ of Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions on Alibaba.com. The platform will deduct 6 to 12 points based on severity for each serious breach from the Seller's account in accordance with the rules about falsified pricing, SKU and MOQ in Enforcement Actions for Publishing Invalid Product Information. For severe cases, the violator will be removed from the RTS marketplace and cannot list products in the RTS marketplace. For particularly severe cases, the platform will close the account of the violator.


The platform will continuously monitor the disputes of RTS orders. Once three or more buyer complaints are justified and confirmed by the platform or if the platform finds three or more misconduct behavior cases in spot check, the platform has the right to, based on the number and severity of such breaches, remove all RTS products in the store, or suspend the violator from listing RTS products in the next six months; permanently remove the violator from the RTS marketplace, or close the account of the violator.





This update announcement takes effect on September 2, 2021.




For more information, see the Action Guide for RTS Sellers with a High Dispute Rate.