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Announcement on Strengthening the Governance of Dermal Filler Products

Dear Alibaba.com members, 
Pursuant to regulatory requirements and to ensure product safety for buyers, Alibaba.com will implement the following measures to govern the sale of dermal filing products.
The rules are as follows:
1. Only hyaluronic acid can be sold under dermal filler products, any other products are prohibited from sale on Alibaba.com, including but not limited to botulinum toxin and lecithin.
2. In relation to dermal filler products:
     (i) hyaluronic acid for dermal filler are prohibited to be sold to buyers in the United States due to local regulations;
     (ii) industry-specific qualification are required for manufactural enterprises and must possess local production permit for dermal filler hyaluronic acid.
This announcement will take effect on August 12, 2021.
Members are reminded to properly handle the in-transit orders for the above products. We will continue to pay attention to the relevant policy changes in various countries and make corresponding adjustments to the platform control policies accordingly. Any violations, including but not limited to malicious circumvention of rules, deliberately confusing product information, misplaced categories, false or exaggerated publicity, will be subject to penalties imposed by Alibaba.com depending on severity. Such measures may include removing product listing,  deleting products, deducting points,  restricting the use of website functions, and terminating account. 
Please contact Online Service for any further queries.
Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.