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Announcement on Closing Categories for Live Animals, Plants and Seeds at Alibaba.com

 In view of the particularity of live animals, plants and seed products, as well as the different requirements for customs inspection and quarantine at home and abroad, Alibaba.com decides to prohibit the sale of live animals, plants, and seeds from August 20, 2021 to comply with relevant laws and regulations at home and abroad and promote the sustainable and healthy development of Alibaba.com. To be specific, the following 9 categories will be closed:

Agriculture > Animal Products > Fowl & Livestock

Agriculture > Ornamental Plants > Natural Plants

Agriculture > Ornamental Plants > Bonsai

Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Crop Seeds

Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Oil Seeds

Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Vegetable Seeds

Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Fruit Grafts, Seedlings & Rootstocks

Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Flower Bulbs, Seeds & Seedlings

Agriculture > Plant Seeds & Bulbs > Forage Seeds



The specific time line is as follows:

  • August 3 Release of the Announcement (previous rules for displaying prohibited and controlled items remain effective)
  • August 20 Governance or punishment for violation of the Announcement
  • August 23 close the categories step by step


      The platform reminds members to release products and trade in compliance with relevant rules. Members have the responsibility to abide by any applicable product laws in the destination country of sales. From August 20, 2021, if any members release illegal products and information, the platform will remove or delete relevant products and information and impose punishment according to relevant rules. For members who maliciously evade the rules, publish illegal information in interactive scenarios such as communication, inquiry and live broadcast, violate regulations repeatedly, are notified by regulatory authorities, are exposed by major media, or have other serious violations, the platform will impose penalties including but not limited to deleting product information, deducting scores, blocking shops, restricting members from using website products and features, freezing accounts and even closing accounts according to the relevant rules of the platform.

       We will keep track of policy changes in each country and adjust our control policies accordingly. If you have any questions, please consult the online customer service.

       For more information about the rules, click here.



Aug 3, 2021