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Announcement on Revising the Alibaba.com Rules for the Management of Hazardous Substances

Dear members of Alibaba.com,

To better comply with the ever-stricter laws and regulations at home and abroad and promote sustained, healthy development of Alibaba.com, the platform will strengthen control over another 145 substances as "hazardous". Each violation shall be subject to the penalty of 6 point deduction. Please remove the listings for hazardous substances before August 13, 2021. After the deadline, Alibaba.com will remove all the remaining listings concerned and punish accordingly.

Click here to download: 2015 Supplementary List of Hazardous Substances.xlsx

For the members who list illegal products from August 13, 2021 on, Alibaba.com will remove the listings and punish the members in accordance with relevant rules. For the members who a) knowingly bypass our rules; b) post illegal information under interactive scenarios like communication, inquiry, and live-streaming; c) repeatedly violate our rules; d) are denounced by regulators or exposed by mainstream media; or e) seriously violate our rules in other forms, Alibaba.com will mete out punishments in accordance with relevant platform rules, including but not limited to removing the listings, deducting points, blocking the stores, limiting the use of our products and features, and freezing or even closing the accounts.

We will keep track of policy changes in each country and adjust our control policies accordingly. If you have any questions, please consult the online customer service.


 Aug 3, 2021