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Announcement on Strengthening Control over Pharmaceutical Related Products


In light of the regulatory requirements and the high risk nature of pharmaceutical products, Alibaba.com has revised the "Rules of Prohibited and Restricted Products" to assist members in complying with applicable laws and maintain the sustainable development of the platform. Starting from April 28, 2021, Alibaba.com will prohibit the listing and trading of all pharmaceutical products, including but not limited to prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), pharmaceutical intermediates, animal drugs, hormonal drugs, steroids, anabolic steroids or products with similar effects, radioactive drugs, antibiotics, vaccines, controlled substances, drug products containing controlled substances, special pharmaceutical products (including but not limited to analeptics and blood products), traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, oral/injection drugs, weight-loss drugs, and any API or active substances which could be used to produce the aforementioned products. The following four product sub-categories will also be shut down:

Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Medicine, and Herbal Medicine.

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The timetable for implementation of the new control measures is as follows:

1. April 20, 2021: Publication of this announcement

2. April 28, 2021: Penalties will start to be imposed against any violation of new rules under this announcement


Members are reminded to comply with the applicable product compliance laws and regulations of the countries into which the products are sold when listing and trading products on the platform. Starting from April 28, 2021, non-compliant products will be removed from listing or deleted, and penalties will be imposed against violating members. Members with repeated violations, or who have deliberately circumvented platform rules, published prohibited information via RFQ, live broadcasting or instant chat, publicly named by regulatory authorities, exposed by major medias, or committed other serious violations, will be penalized by Alibaba.com, with penalties ranging from removing of product listing, points deduction, temporary blocking of store front, limiting access rights on Alibaba.com, freezing of account to permanent termination of account.


 Alibaba.com will continue to monitor changes in the laws and policies of different countries and make adjustments to platform control policies from time to time. Please contact Xiaohe Online should you have any further inquiries.



April 20, 2021