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[Interpretation of Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items] Announcement on Suspension of Sales of Punches and Dies to the United States


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  1. What kind of products are not allowed to be sold or distributed to the US?

Any punch, die, plate, stone ,or other thing designed to print, imprint or reproduct the trademark, trade name, or other identifying mark, imprint, or device of another or any likeness of the foregoing upon any drug or container or labeling thereof so as to render such drug a counterfeit substance.


  1. Is Announcement on Suspension of Sales of Tablet Presses and Capsule Filling Machines to the United States still in effectiveness?

Yes, it is effective.


3.    When will these measures come into effect?

The effective date of Suspension of sales of punches and dies to the US. is Mar 05, 2021 (Beijing time).

Starting from Mar 05, 2021 (Beijing time), suppliers are not allowed to display products descriptions of punches and dies to the US buyers nor draft/edit related orders to the US.


4.    What should suppliers do with orders in transit?

-Orders which have not been dispatched: Please negotiate with buyers and process refund as necessary

-Orders already in transit: Users may continue to fulfil these orders accordingly


5.    The current policy does not affect other countries.


6. Consultation channels:

-Your account managers

-Online service