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Announcement on Amendments to the Rules on Payment Collection for Online Transactions on Alibaba.com (“Rules”)


Dear Alibaba.com members,


To ensure payment collections for online transactions on Alibaba.com are safe and compliant with applicable laws and regulations, we have revised the Rules for handling irregularities in online payment collection. Please refer to Items 8-9 of Article 7 and Item 4 of Article 8 in Chapter III of the Rules https://rule.alibaba.com/rule/detail/11001747.htm?spm=a271m.8038972.1999288231.5.7bc36d82aTNJHJ

The revised Rules will be published on February 25, 2021 and shall be effective on March 4, 2021. If you disagree with any of the terms in the revised Rules, please contact Alibaba.com before such Rules take effect.



February 25, 2021