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[Interpretation of Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items] Announcement on Suspension of Sales of Products Containing Controlled Substances to the United States



1.    What are the reasons of sale suspension of products containing controlled substances to the United States?


Pursuant to US regulations, products containing controlled substances are under US regulatory control and are forbidden to be sold and distributed to the US. Please refer to announcement for more information.


In addition, in accordance with Alibaba.com International Platform's General Provisions, users on Alibaba.com are reminded to always comply with the applicable product compliance laws of destination countries, hence the sale and distribution ban of products containing controlled substances will be effective against Alibaba.com users.


2.    What kind of products are not allowed to be sold or distributed to the United States?


Please click here for more product information. Products listed are for reference purposes only, and does not represent the complete, accurate or updated list of products under control. Alibaba.com reserves the right to modify and/or supplement this list where necessary.


3.    When will the sale ban measures come into effect?


The effective date of suspension of sales of products containing controlled substances to the United States is Feb 04, 2021(Beijing time).


Starting from Feb 04, 2021, suppliers are not allowed to display products descriptions of controlled substances related orders to US buyers nor draft/edit related orders to the US.


4.    What should suppliers do with orders in transit?


-Orders which have not been dispatched: negotiate with buyers and process refund as necessary

-Orders already in transit: Fulfill these orders accordingly



5.    Will other countries (apart from the US) be affected by this policy?


The current policy does not affect other countries as of the date of this FAQ. We will continue to monitor policies across various countries, adjust our site policy accordingly and inform suppliers in advance. Please pay attention to the rules channel and email notification.


6.    Consultation channels:

-Your account managers

-Online service