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Announcement on Suspension of Sales of Sex Dolls to the United States


Dear Alibaba.com members,


Pursuant to regulatory requirements, users of Alibaba.com are reminded to always comply with the applicable product compliance laws of destination countries and shall not sell or distribute any sex dolls into the United States.


Members should continue to fulfill orders already in transit for sales to the United States accordingly. The measures in this Announcement will take effect from Feb 4, 2021.


We will continue to monitor policies across various countries, and adjust our site policy accordingly. If you have any questions, please feedback via online service.


Alibaba.com hereby reiterates that child pornography and indecent language are strictly prohibited in any country and culture, and products involving or allegedly involving pornographic abuse or indecent language are strictly banned on Alibaba.com. All members must obey all applicable laws, regulations and platform rules.


All members are requested to check their products and remove all products violating the above and related rules. Alibaba.com will enhance its enforcement actions to eliminate non-compliant products, including but not limited to taking down product postings and/or points deduction. For members who refuse to make rectifications despite repeated warning, violated rules repeatedly, have been reprimanded by regulators and/or denounced by key media, or have committed other serious violations, Alibaba.com will take corresponding measures based on the severity of the violations, including without limitation removal of product listing, deduction of points, restricted access on Alibaba.com, or account termination.


Thank you for your understanding.






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