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Alibaba.com Seller Star Rating Rules (for Sellers Based in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) (“Rules”)

Version No.: September 1, 2020                               Effective Date: September 7, 2020


Article 1 – Purpose


These Rules are formulated pursuant to Alibaba.com International Platform’s General Provisions, so as to improve the e-commerce capabilities of sellers on Alibaba.com’s International Website (URL: http://www.alibaba.com) and/or any mobile apps ("Alibaba.com Website") and better match such sellers with buyers.


Article 2 - Applicable Scope


These Rules apply to all sellers that have a valid China Gold Supplier, Hong Kong Gold Supplier or Taiwan Gold Supplier membership on the Alibaba.com Website.


Article 3 – Definition


The seller star-rating function is a rating system on the Alibaba.com Website designed to evaluate a sellers’ capabilities and willingness to serve international buyers and will be based on objective data which measures the sellers' performance during the whole process of cross-border trade on the Alibaba.com Website. 


Article 4 – Star Rating


  1. A seller is rated one out of six (6) star ratings, i.e. zero (0), one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4) or five (5) stars, based on the seller’s total performance score which is assessed in accordance with the four (4) performance indicators. The four (4) performance indicators are (i) seller/product quality, (ii) marketing, (iii) transaction, and (iv) after-sales service) (“Performance Indicators”).


  1. The seller must achieve the same star rating in all Performance Indicators in order for a seller to obtain that corresponding star rating. The score threshold to determine a seller’s star rating is as follows: 60 points for a one (1) star rating, 70 points for a two (2) star rating, 80 points for a three (3) star rating, 85 points for a four (4) star rating and 90 points for a five (5) star rating.


  1. For instance, in the event where a seller would like to advance from a three (3) star rating to a four (4) star rating, all of the seller’s Performance Indicators must be at least four (4) stars. Where any one Performance Indicator is lower than four (4) stars, the seller will not obtain a four (4) star rating, and the lower star rating will prevail.


Article 5 – Display and Update of Star Rating


  1. From September 7, 2020 onwards, the diamond icon displayed against the Seller’s store on the Alibaba.com Website will no longer indicate the seller’s transaction level. Instead, the diamond icon will be determined based on the seller’s star rating. Buyers on the Alibaba.com Website will see a grey diamond icon displayed against sellers that have a zero (0) star rating, whilst sellers with a star rating between one (1) to five (5) stars will have a corresponding number of orange diamond icons displayed. The seller’s star-rating is updated on the fifth (5th) day of every month based on its Performance Indicators on the last day of the preceding month and remains unchanged for that month.


  1. From the seller’s account on the Alibaba.com Website, the seller may view two sets of star ratings and two set of data showing the seller’s Performance Indicators for (a) customized transactions and (b) ready-to-ship transactions. For both customized transactions and ready-to-ship-track transactions, a star rating is given to the seller in accordance with Article 4 of these Rules, and only the higher of the two respective star ratings will be publicly displayed as the seller’s official star rating on the Alibaba.com Website.


  1. A seller may also view its predicted star rating from its account on the Alibaba.com Website. The predicted star rating serves as an indicative reference for the seller’s prevailing performance of the particular day. The data used for the predicted star rating is updated on a daily basis


Article 6 - Privileges


  1. In order to encourage and support more sellers to enhance their e-commerce capabilities and to improve the buyer’s experience on the Alibaba.com Website, Alibaba.com may provide various privileges to sellers in accordance with their star rating. Sellers will be able to view details of its entitled privileges from its Alibaba.com account. Alibaba.com shall reserve the right to adjust and amend the privileges from time to time based on the needs of the seller and business development requirements.


  1. Any privileges must be collected within the following validity period: from 10:00 (Beijing local time) on the fifth (5th) day of each month until 23:59:59 (Beijing Local time) on the fourth (4th) day of the following month).


Article 7 - Miscellaneous


Alibaba.com reserves the right to review and/or update these Rules including but not limited to the evaluation model, update frequency, Performance Indicators and the applicable privileges, etc.