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[Interpretation of Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items] Alibaba.com Adult Products Category



I. Product Listing Regulations

    Alibaba.com forbids product descriptions (including text, images, product packaging, instruction manuals, video clips, etc.) of adult products (including but not limited to sexy underwear, sexual wellness supplements, SM products, sex toys, simulators, or products involving sexual information, such as sexy cosplay costumes, oil paintings, wallpapers, throw pillows, mouse pads, dice, breast care products, beauty dermal filler, hair removal products etc.) that contain or promote explicit pornographic content (such as obscene content, coarse language, etc.).

  1. Members must display images of the actual product, and must not display the product with or imitating real human, human gestures, or similar ways.
  2. If the product description contains images with exposed sensitive parts (including but not limited to: nipples and genitalia of female, or objects in the shape of female breasts or genitalia; penis etc.), such images must be fully covered with materials specified by Alibaba.com as required.

Please note: Sensitive parts must be fully covered with materials specified by Alibaba.com (Download the specific material here), other materials/images and transparency adjustments are not allowed. However, the size, shape, and color of the specified material can be adjusted as needed.



Standard Product Listing Example:

Non-compliant Product Listing Example 1: Sensitive parts are not covered or not covered with the specified material by Alibaba.com

Non-compliant Product Listing Example 2: The product description contains images of sex positions, implicit sexual behaviors, sexual seduction, etc. If the images display acts such as sticking one's buttocks out, lying prone before one's crotch, sticking one's tongue out, licking, or any sex positions; or acts such as grabbing or pinching genitals or female breasts (sex positions, pornographic pictures, etc.), such images will violate the Sales Prohibition and Restriction Rules regardless of whether they are covered with specified materials or not.


Non-compliant Product Listing Example 3: Displaying SM products (Tight leather clothes that bind limbs, control breathing, and block sight) with real human demonstration


  1. Explicit or implicit descriptions involving minors and materials showing minors' bodies are not allowed in the product description.

Prohibited Product Listing Examples:

3.1. Non-compliant or prohibited text in the description, including but not limited to:
Words that directly refer to children or teenagers, such as "child", "kid", "infant", "underage", "school girl", "loli", "teenager", "under 18 years old", "little girl", etc.;
Usage of "little", "baby", "young", "small", "mini", and other words that have the meaning of "young" or "little" and indicate age groups to describe girls or boys.

3.2. Features of non-compliant or prohibited images, including but not limited to:

1) Characteristics of minors: face, height (if the product height is less than 140cm, such product must be scaled down according to adults' figure, appearance, and other characteristics, and without any other text or images of children's characteristics), figure, body shape, etc.;

2) Dressing style of minors: hairstyle (such as pigtails, cartoon hair clips, etc.), accessories (such as red scarves, green scarves, and other accessories indicating children's identity), clothing (such as school uniforms, cartoon clothes, princess dresses, children's shoes, princess socks, etc.);

3) Scene settings related to minors: props (such as stuffed toys, schoolbags, Barbie dolls, etc.), scenes (such as schools, slides, children's playground equipment, etc.);

4) Other settings that are suspected to create an atmosphere implying minors or emphasizing the concepts of being "young" or "little".


  1.  Coarse Language/Indecent Images

Non-compliant Product Listing Example:

The product description contains obscene, pornographic, vulgar and other indecent terms (such as foul language and its distorted words, for example, Fuck, Suck Dick, Asshole, Cum, Cunt, Slut, Kill you etc. ) or  obscene, pornographic, vulgar and other indecent images. 


II. Handling of Violations


Members are requested to strictly abide by the above-mentioned regulations, other regulations in Alibaba.com Sales Prohibition and Restriction Rules, Alibaba.com Intellectual Property Rights Rules, etc. (collectively, the “Rules”). Depending on the severity of the circumstances, Alibaba.com may take any punitive measures as it may deem appropriate, including removing or deleting the product listing, issuing of penalty points, restricting access to or the usage of platform functions, terminating account, etc. Alibaba.com may take more severe punitive measures for violations such as malicious circumvention of the Rules, deliberate confusion of product information (blur and smudge, editing photos, etc.), deliberate miscategorization, and false or exaggerated promotions, etc.