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Rules on the Exchange of Interactive Information on Alibaba.com

Part A.  Overview:

Article 1 - Purpose and Basis

In order to safeguard the rights and interests of the Users (as defined below) and maintain the order in connection with the exchange of the Interactive Information (as defined below) on Alibaba.com International Platform (“Alibaba.com”), these Rules are hereby promulgated in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations as well as Alibaba.com International Platform’s General Provisions (“General Rules”).

Article 2 - Scope of Application

These Rules apply to all users of Alibaba.com (“Users”).

Article 3 - Definition

Interactive Information” refers to texts, images, videos, broadcasts (i.e. live stream), and other information that the Users produce, publish, and disseminate on Alibaba.com's interactive platforms (which includes but not limited to [Alibaba.com]) (“Interactive Platforms”). 

Article 4 - Effectiveness

Unless there is any specific rules and regulations which is in force on a particular Interactive Platform and has a similar effect as these Terms, these Rules shall apply thereto.  

Part B. Requirements for Interactive Information:

Article 5 

The Users shall abide by the following principles when producing, publishing, and disseminating any Interactive Information on the Interactive Platforms:
(a) Comply with the relevant requirements of any applicable laws and regulations;

(b) Comply with the relevant requirements of applicable public policies;

(c) Ensure that the Interactive Information (or any part thereof) shall not cause any adverse effect (including but not limited to prejudice national and/or public interests);

(d) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the other Users;

(e) Respect social public order and not engage in antisocial conduct;

(f) Ensure that the Interactive Information exchanged shall be true, correct, accurate, not misleading and supported by reliable source(s).

Article 6

The Interactive Information that the Users produce, publish, and disseminate on the Interactive Platforms shall not contain any illegal content which may be deemed to (or potentially):

(a) Violate any applicable laws and regulations;

(b) Violate any rules and regulation as may be published by Alibaba.com from time to time;

(c)  Jeopardize state security, divulge state secrets, subvert state power, or undermine state sovereignty;

(d) Damage the honor and interests of any country;

 (e) Promote terrorism or extremism, or incite terrorist or extremist activities;

(f)   Incite hatred of a particular nation, ethnic discrimination, or undermine ethnic unity;

(g) Undermine religions, or promotes cults and superstitions;

(h) Spread rumors, or disrupt economic and social order;

(i)   Disseminate obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, or terror, or abet crimes; and

(j)   Insult or slander others, and infringe upon their good reputation, privacy, or legitimate rights and interests.

Article 7

The Interactive Information that the Users produce, publish, and disseminate on the Interactive Platforms shall not contain any inappropriate content which includes but is not limited to:

(a) Use of exaggerated claims, or containing of inconsistent or misleading content ;

(b) Hyping up rumors, scandals or contains untrue statements, etc.;

(c) Improperly commenting on natural disasters, major accidents, and other disasters;

(d) Sexually suggestive content or sexual advances or sexual connotations;

(e) Any media which may cause physical and mental discomfort, such as blood, horror, cruelty, etc.;

(f)   Inciting discrimination against certain groups, regions, etc.;

(g) Promoting distasteful, vulgar, or kitsch content;

(h) Possibly leading minors to imitate acts that are unsafe or violate social morality, or inducing minors to form unhealthy habits;

(i)   Causing an adverse impact on the cyber ecosystem in other detrimental ways not abovementioned;

(j)    Circulating any false news and/or information. 

Part C. Handling Violations:

Article 8

Alibaba.com shall take any action as it may solely deem as appropriate, including but not limited to deleting any information, restricting the use of the Interactive Information on the Interactive Platforms, closing down any User accounts, etc., depending on the severity of the case if any of the following circumstances occurs:

(a) Users publish any Interactive Information that violates General Rules, the Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items, and the Enforcement Actions for Intellectual Property Rights Infringements Claims on Alibaba.com;

(b) Users publish any Interactive Information that violates the applicable requirements of applicable laws and regulations and/or any requirements set forth hereunder;

(c)  Users violate the applicable requirements of relevant applicable laws and regulations in a live stream broadcast, and/or any live streaming rules published by Alibaba.com.

Part D. General Rules:

Article 9

These Rules shall take effect on July 23, 2020.

Article 10

In the event any Users has acted in violation of the Rules by producing, publishing, and disseminating information before the effective date or amendment date of these Rules, the rules applicable at the time when such violating acts occurred shall apply. In case such acts occur on or after the effective date or amendment date of these Rules, these Rules shall apply.

Article 11

Alibaba.com reserves the right to amend these Rules due to amendments to laws and regulations, changes in business environment or other reasons and will announce the same. The amended version of these Rules will come into force as of the date specified in the announcement.

Article 12

Alibaba.com reserves the rights of final interpretation and decision and all relevant rights hereof.

Article 13

These Rules are an integral part of the rules on Alibaba.com. In case of any inconsistency between these Rules and the other rules on Alibaba.com, the Rules in this document shall prevail. For any matters not covered herein, the other rules on Alibaba.com shall apply.

Article 14

In the event of inconsistency, ambiguity or conflict between the Chinese and the non-Chinese version of these Rules, the Chinese version shall prevail.