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Announcement on Further Strengthening Control over the Sale of Personal Protective Equipment on Alibaba.com

In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, Alibaba.com hereby further strengthens control over the sale of personal protective equipment on the platform. From the effective date of this announcement, only Alibaba.com invited members will be allowed to sell personal protective equipment on Alibaba.com.

Any non-invited members shall not be allowed to post and sale personal protective equipment with immediate effect. Members who attempt to circumvent the any Alibaba.com rules with ill intent, deliberately mismatch products and their corresponding details, wrongfully miscategorize products, put up false, misleading or exaggerated advertisements, or commit any other breach of platform rules would be subject to penalties in accordance with the platform rules ranging from removal of product listing, points deduction, restricted access on Alibaba.com, or account termination.

The announcement takes effect on April 23, 2020.

    Please refer to “Details of Further Strengthening the Control over the Sale of Personal Protective Equipment on Alibaba.com” for responses to frequently asked questions.

Thank you for your support and attention to Alibaba.com.



      April 23, 2020