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Announcement on Suspension of Sale of COVID-19 related Personal Protective Equipment, Test Instruments and Disinfectant products to Canada


Dear members of Alibaba.com,


Pursuant to Canadian laws requirements, sale, distribution and import of certain COVID-19 related personal protective equipment and health products (collectively, “Health Products”) are subject to local licensing and/or registration requirements in Canada. Sellers and buyers are reminded to comply with all applicable laws in Canada and other places in importing and distributing the Health Products. Alibaba.com hereby announces that it will suspend any sale of Health Products that fail to meet local requirements of relevant countries. This Announcement shall be effective from March 23, 2020.

While you shall continue to fulfill all outstanding orders of Health Products entered into prior to March 23, 2020 and to be shipped to Canada, you are advised to proactively verify any necessary local licensing requirements with respective buyers or professional institutions. We will continue to monitor the development of all relevant policies worldwide, and may adjust our site policy accordingly. If you have any questions, please call 400-826-1688.

Thank you for your understanding!



March 23, 2020 



1. What products are prohibited from sale to Canada?

Any products, including COVID-19 related personal protective equipment (such as masks, protective suits, gloves, alcohol disinfectant products and thermometers), test instruments, disinfectant products and other health related products which fail to meet local licensing requirements are prohibited from sale on Alibaba.com.

2. What should be done to outstanding orders?

You shall continue to fulfill all outstanding orders entered into before March 23, 2020. With effect from March 23, 2020 (inclusive), Health Products sold to Canadian buyers must meet the relevant local licensing requirements thereof. Specific licensing requirements can be found on the relevant government’s website of the importing country or upon consultation with professional institutions.