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Rules for Global Gold Supplier Star Rating on Alibaba.com

Version No. :20211012        Effective Date: October 12, 2021


Article 1       Purpose

These Rules are formulated to safeguard the legitimate interests of users of the Alibaba.com International Platform (URL:  http://www.alibaba.com) (“Alibaba.com”), and to enhance the e-commerce capabilities of and achieve a robust development amongst, the Global Gold Suppliers (“GGS”). 


Article 2       Application

These Rules shall apply to all GGS (save for Taiwan Gold Suppliers (TWGS) and Hong Kong Gold Suppliers (HKGS) which shall refer to the equivalent rules of the Chinese Gold Suppliers (CGS)). 


Article 3       Definition

The Global Gold Supplier Star Rating is a multidimensional system which evaluates the e-commerce capabilities of the GGS based on three (3) major aspects namely “product capability”, ”service capability” and “marketing capability”.


Article 4       Evaluation Model

Every GGS will be evaluated based on three (3) capabilities i.e. “product capability”, “service capability” and “marketing capability” and the star rating for each of the capabilities will be measured according to their respective indicator(s). There are an aggregate of six (6) indicators: (a) the “product capability” is measured by two (2) indicators i.e. (i) number of premium products; and (ii) top and super products; (b) the “service capability” is measured by one (1) indicator i.e. store response time; and (c) the “marketing capability” is measured by three (3) indicators i.e. number of active buyers, conversion rate and number of visitors from KWA. Each indicator has 5 levels (represented by star rating: 5 stars being the highest and 1 star being the lowest). The lowest indicator rating amongst the six (6) indicators will determine the overall star rating of the GGS. In order for a GGS to advance to a higher star rating, all six (6) indicators of the GGS must achieve a minimum of the corresponding star rating. Besides, sellers with a cumulative penalty score of 36 or two or more serious infringement, will show an "unhealthy" risk status and be unable to achieve Star Supplier status until it returns to "healthy".


Article 5       Display and Update Frequency

There are two (2) types of Global Gold Supplier Star Rating: (a) official star rating; and (b) predicted star rating. The official star rating of a GGS will be updated on the 5th day of each month (Pacific Standard Time) based on its indicators on the last day of the preceding month. As for the predicted star rating, its function is to assist the GGS to predict its official star rating for the subsequent month and the predicted star rating is updated on a daily basis.


Article 6       Privileges

In order to encourage and support more GGS to enhance their e-commerce capabilities and to improve the buyers’ experience, Alibaba.com will provide different forms of privileges to GGS in accordance with their star ratings. Every GGS will be able to view details of its entitled privileges from its Alibaba.com account via “My Alibaba – Analytics – Star Ratings”. Alibaba.com shall reserve the right to adjust and amend the privileges from time to time based on the needs of the GGS and business development.


Article 7       Supplementary article

Alibaba.com reserves the right to review and/or update these Rules including but not limited to the evaluation model, update frequency, indicators and privileges, etc. The revised Rules shall be effective and binding upon its announcement.


In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.