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[Basic Information Rules] Rules for Filling in Company Information


Article 1 General Rules

In order to standardize product information on Alibaba.com International Platform (hereinafter "International Platform"), maintain market order on the platform, and enhance the user experience, these Rules are formulated in accordance with the Alibaba.com International Platform Rules.


Article 2 Basic Company Information

Sellers should faithfully and accurately fill in information including company name, company address, business model and main business areas. The introduction of the company should be consistent with the actual situation in terms of the number of employees, business premises, year of founding, production capacity, R & D capacity, etc.


Article 3 Company Name

The English translation of the company name shall meet one of the following conditions:

(1) compliant with the provisions of the law, that is, translation of the registered company names should be in accordance with the "Principles of Text Translation", or

(2) consistent with information on the registration form for foreign trade operators and the bank account opening certificate provided

When the use of the company's English name is controversial, the International Platform has the right to dispose of the company's name or account in accordance with the requirements of the judicial or law enforcement agencies, or relevant rules and agreements of the International Platform.


Article 4 Company Details

In company details,  sellers can describe the actual situation of the company that has been certified, including scale of company, cultural background, business areas, main products, service provided, etc. Language used should be easy to understand.


Article 5 Display of Company Image

To reflect company image, sellers can choose to display company buildings, factories (working environment), workshops, warehouses (sample display rooms), exhibition pictures, employee group photos (with environment), bestselling products, etc. It is not allowed to upload pictures, single-person photos (those used in certificates and personal photos) that are not related to the company.


Section 6 Company Profile Sections

(1) The information filled in each section should be consistent with the actual situation of the company. Sellers should upload authentic and valid images to corresponding sections (including custom ones). Do no upload product images.

(2) Images for sections:

① In the Management section, sellers can upload organization charts in English and photos of one or more managers. Less formal photos of management personnel are preferred. It is not recommended to upload personal photos though.

② In the Research & Development Department (R & D) section, sellers can upload department pictures, organization charts, equipment pictures, etc.; total supply amount, price, etc.

③ In the Quality Control section, sellers can upload pictures, organization charts, equipment pictures, quality certificates, etc.