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Rules for Buyers' Review on Alibaba.com

Version No.: 2019.08.14                                                      Effective date:2019.08.21


Article 1 [Purpose] This Rules for Buyers’ Review on Alibaba.com (hereinafter referred to as "these Rules") are formulated pursuant to the General Provisions of Alibaba.com for the purposes of: (a) providing both buyers and sellers on Alibaba.com with a free, open, reliable and secure transaction environment; (b) regulating members’ behavior when making any review; (c) promoting good faith when entering into any transaction between buyers and sellers.


Article 2 [Principles] To ensure that any review relating to products and services is conducted objectively, any such review made by buyers and sellers must be relevant to the traded products or services. The content of the review must be lawful, objective and true, and must not violate the relevant party's legal rights and interests.


Article 3 [Applicability] These Rules apply to all users of Alibaba.com's review tool.


Article 4 [Types of Review] Review on Alibaba.com includes "Seller Review" and "Product Review". “Seller Review” is an indicator of buyers’ satisfaction over sellers’ quality of service and delivery timeliness. Whereas, “Product Review” is made up of scores relating to product quality and content of the reviews relating to the relevant products which may be in the form of writing and/or graphic.


Article 5 [Timing of Reviews] Parties to a transaction may review the products traded or services on Alibaba.com within 30 days upon completion of the transaction.


Article 6 [Modification] A buyer is entitled to modify its review once within 30 days after completing its review.


Article 7 [Explanation] A seller may provide an explanation to any review posted or modified by a buyer within 30 days after the review is posted or modified (whichever is later).


Article 8 [Review Score Calculation Formula] The review score of a seller is the average scores for three aspects: service quality, delivery timeliness, and product quality. The average score for each aspect is calculated by dividing the score accumulated for the relevant aspect over the most recent past 365 days by the number of reviews within such equivalent period.

In the event where there are more than 3 transactions between the same buyer and seller in a single calendar month, scores relating to the first 3 transactions only will be taken into account and the rest will be deleted.


Article 9 [Violation] For the purposes of ensuring impartiality, objectivity, and truthfulness of the review system, Alibaba.com shall reserve the right to take any action (including to block or delete the reviews, and/or to disregard the relevant review scores) in the event where there is any inappropriate use of the review tool or any violation against the principle of review as follows:

  1. Any review that comprises elements of personal attack (insult), foul language, disclosure of confidential information, pornographic or vulgar content, or any other contents that are against public order.
  2. Any transaction which is concluded for a malicious intent of obtaining unjust enrichment.
  3. Any other transaction that is identified as abnormal by Alibaba.com.


With regard to each of the violations above, apart from taking any appropriate measure to remedy any impact to the review as a result thereof, Alibaba.com may, subject to the severity of the violation, take any further action such as issuing warnings to, restricting the access of, and/or closing the accounts of, the party which is in violation.


Article 10 [Revisions] To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, Alibaba.com reserves the right to revise the rules of the review system, such as the methods of carrying out review and formula for calculating the review score. The revised rules will take effect upon the expiration of the notification period.


Article 11 [Effectiveness] These Rules constitute a part of the General Provisions of Alibaba.com. In the case of any inconsistency between these Rules and the General Provisions of Alibaba.com, these Rules shall prevail. For matters that are not covered herein, the General Provisions of Alibaba.com shall prevail. In the case of any inconsistency, ambiguity, or conflicts between the Chinese and non-Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.