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Instructions for Submitting Certification to Alibaba.com relating to Certain Restricted Products and Services

DATE: 2018.04.02


If you have certifications and/or authorizations relating to a restricted product or service for listing on Alibaba.com, please submit your information and documents to your submission portal at My Alibaba -- Manage Company Profile -- R&D Capacity -- Certification/Test Report. Within approximately 7-10 working days after your submission, the documents review is expected be completed by Alibaba.com. You may view your application results via your submission portal. For the Alibaba.com list of restricted products and services and required documentation of proof of capacity to sell, please click here.

Sample page on portal entry:

Appealing for denied restricted products or services listing application: you may choose to appeal to Alibaba.com by sending supplemental documents to ban_limit@service.alibaba.com. Care should be made that information you provide to Alibaba.com are complete, accurate, and up-to-date, corresponding to your registered account with Alibaba.com including your company name and registered member id with Alibaba.com. Within approximately 3 working days, you shall be informed of the result of your one-time appeal by Alibaba.com.