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Prohibition on Listings Infringing on Islamic Religious Beliefs

Dear Alibaba member,

  According to the Product Listing Policy of Alibaba.com, Alibaba.com prohibits posting of items that may be religiously derogatory. Members should not post product listings or other information that may infringe on, or discriminate against, any religious beliefs. Therefore, any listings or information that refer to religiously taboo products using inappropriate terminology, for instance, “halal pork” or “halal wine” will be removed as per platform guidelines.


  Alibaba.com will monitor porcine or alcoholic products and product descriptions with “halal” descriptions and will take action against prohibited product listings. Members should therefore check their accounts and remove any such listings or information from their accounts immediately upon discovery of any such infringing products or information. Alibaba.com reserves the right to remove such listings and other information after this date, and apply penalties (if any) according to Alibaba.com rules and policies after 2 April 2018.


Examples of banned listings:






March 22, 2018