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Notice of Revised Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-compliance on Alibaba.com

Dear Alibaba.com members,

In order to maintain a fair market environment for sellers and enhance the trading experience for the buyers, the Platform (Alibaba.com) will enforce new actions against the irregularities of a seller, provided under the points-based system the seller reaches 36 or more penalty points that are cumulatively incurred. Such new actions include, to remove all products under the seller’s account, and restrict the submission and edits of new listings by such account. The new rules will come into force on January 15th, 2018, for details of which you may refer to Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-compliance on Alibaba.com(the “Rules”). Please pay attention to seller rule portal (rule.Alibaba.com) for further updates of the Rules.

We always value your feedback and appreciate your efforts in delighting more buyers with a world-class trade experience.


December 12, 2017