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Notice on the Use of Certification Marks

Dear sellers,


Alibaba has received a number of complaints in respect of the use of certification marks by sellers..  Please be mindful in the use certification marks.


Certification marks, such as UL, SGS and TUV, are owned by organizations which issue corresponding certifications for products they have certified.  Certification marks cannot be displayed anywhere in any form on product listings (including without limitation to product descriptions, titles, and images) where the products have not been certified by the corresponding organizations.


Please review your product listings as soon as possible and remove any unauthorized use of certification marks.


If your product has been certified but is subjected to certification mark infringement allegation, please submit counter-notice with the following on AliProtect®:


1. Certificate issued by the relevant organization; and

2. If your company is not the entity on the certificate, please provide proof of transaction such as sales agreement or invoice that bear signatures and/or company seals of both parties to show that certified products offered by your company were sourced from a certified seller.  Kindly be reminded that the product as shown in the proof of transaction must correspond to the product being complained of.


Best Regards,