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Alibaba.com Wholesale Online Market Rules

Version No.: 20170920                                                                                          Date of Issuance:  20170928


Chapter 1 Summary and Definition

Article 1 Purpose

Alibaba.com Wholesale Online Market (http://wholesale.alibaba.com/, hereinafter referred to as “Online Wholesale Marketplace”) is an online marketplace developed by Alibaba.com for small and medium-sized buyers of small international purchases. These Rules are formulated in accordance with the Alibaba.com International Platform Rules, to maintain and optimize the operational order of the Online Wholesale Marketplace and to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Alibaba.com users.


Article 2 Scope of Application

These Rules are an important part of the Alibaba.com International Platform Rules, and apply to the information submission, online transactions and other activities by users at the Online Wholesale Marketplace with prevailing force, unless otherwise specified. Where there are no relevant provisions in these Rules, Alibaba.com International Platform Rules apply. Where users have entered into any separate agreement with Alibaba.com and/or its affiliates with respect to the use of various services in the Online Wholesale Marketplace, such special agreement will prevail.


Article 3 Definitions

3.1 “Buyer” means users of Alibaba.com who place online orders to purchase products at the Online Wholesale Marketplace. 

3.2 “Seller” means users of Alibaba.com who post product information, offer to sell or sell products at the Online Wholesale Marketplace. Corporate users legally registered with the lawful right to use the relevant brand and activated Trade Assurance Services may become a Seller at the Online Wholesale Marketplace  

3.3 “Information” means information relating to products, services, companies and transactions, etc. posted by Sellers at the Online Wholesale Marketplace. All information posted at the Online Wholesale Marketplace must be in submitted in English only. 

3.4 “Online Transaction means a transaction completed by a Buyer and Seller through online transaction methods recognized by the Online Wholesale Marketplace; specifically, users in mainland China,Hongkong and Taiwan must use Secure Payment or Trade Assurance as the methods for Online Transactions.

3.5        “Alibaba.com International Platform Rules” refer to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and all other rules or policies of Alibaba.com (URL: http://www.alibaba.com).


Chapter 2 Posting of Information  

Article 4 Information Posting Policy

4.1 The Information posted by Sellers must be true, legitimate and valid, and must not violate relevant laws and regulations or infringe others’ legitimate rights.

4.2 Sellers must post information relating to products or services in an accurate, complete and standard manner and clearly describe the basic properties, quality, MOQ, shipping fees, delivery time, etc. and ensure the information regarding merchantable products or services.

4.3 The posting of Information by users of the Online Wholesale Marketplace are governed by Alibaba.com International Platform Rules (including without limitation Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items and  Intellectual Property Right Infringement Claims ).


Article 5 Special Restrictions on Posting at the Online Wholesale Marketplace

Users understand and agree that for the purpose of reducing transaction risks, in addition to the foregoing provisions, Alibaba.com will also prohibit users from posting specific products or services at the Online Wholesale Marketplace through system restrictions or otherwise. 



Bank card readers

· Consumer Electronics > Accessories & Parts > Card Readers

· Service Equipment > Financial Equipment > POS Systems

Electronic cigarettes

· Health & Medical > Health Care Products > Health Care Supplies > Other Healthcare Supplies 

· Home & Garden > Household Sundries > Lighters & Smoking Accessories > Other Lighters & Smoking Accessories

Herbal cigars and cigarettes 

· Agriculture > Herbal Cigars & Cigarettes

All pharmaceutical products; including prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), sexual enhancement, weight loss, nutraceuticals, veterinary and other medicines; as well medicine raw materials. 

· Health & Medical > Animal & Veterinary > Veterinary Medicine

· Health & Medical > Extract 

· Health & Medical > Health Care Products > Healthcare Supplement 

· Health & Medical > Herbal Medicine 

· Health & Medical > Medicine

· Health & Medical > Pharmaceutical 

· Home & Garden > Pet Products > Pet Health Care & Supplements 

· Health & Medical >> Animal & Veterinary >> Veterinary Instrument 

· Health & Medical >> Health Care Products >> Health Care Supplies >> House-Service Detector Tester 

· Health & Medical >> Health Care Products >> Health Care Supplies >> Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies 

·Health & Medical >> Medical Devices 

All services and virtual products 

· Business Services

· Custom Design Service, Fabrication Service

· Consumer Electronics > Gaming & Accessories > Game Software 

· Consumer Electronics > Electronic Publications > Electronic Books

Alcoholic beverages

· Food & Beverage>Alcoholic Beverage

Contact lenses and lens care solutions

· Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear>Eyewear>Contact Lenses 

· Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear>Eyewear>Eyewear Accessories>Contact Lens Care Products 

Crude oil 

· Energy>Crude Oils

Real estate

· Construction & Real Estate>Real Estate

Lockpick tools

· Security & Protection>Locksmith Supplies

Hidden cameras and recording devices




Chapter 3 Online Transactions

Article 6 Online Transaction Rules

6.1 The Online Wholesale Marketplace is an online trading platform, users must complete all transaction processes online such as the execution of contracts, payment, delivery or receipt of goods etc.

6.2 All transactional activities conducted by users at the Online Wholesale Marketplace are governed by Alibaba.com International Platform Rules (including without limitation Rules for Transactions on Alibaba.com and Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions on Alibaba.com).


Article 7 Guidelines for Special Transactions in Online Wholesale Marketplace

7.1 Sellers of the Online Wholesale Marketplace must use logistics supported by the Online Wholesale Marketplace and confirmed by Buyers, and fill in the delivery notices and/or related documents (e.g., tracking number etc.) online. Otherwise, the Seller is solely liable for any and all relevant losses.

7.2 Sellers who have already activated the Secure Payment service or Trade Assurance service must not refuse to use Secure Payment/Trade Assurance or induce Buyers to use other means of transaction. Otherwise, Alibaba.com will impose the following penalties in accordance with the Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions on Alibaba.com

7.3 Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, loss on currency exchange rates, administrative fees and credit card payment risks incurred during the Online Transaction and payment process are borne by the Seller.

7.4 Buyers and Sellers must comply with the agreements or rules entered into with Alibaba.com and/or its affiliates for their use of online transaction services, including without limitation Alibaba.com Transaction Services AgreementAlipay Services Agreement and Alibaba.com Secure Payment Service Rules.


Chapter 4 Withdrawal from Online Wholesale Marketplace  

Article 8 Withdrawal 

8.1 Services relating to the Online Wholesale Marketplace will be immediately terminated for users whose accounts have been closed due to violation of these Rules and/or Alibaba.com International Platform Rules, or users whose Trade Assurance Services cannot be activated or have been terminated. In such circumstances, Sellers may withdrawal from the Online Wholesale Marketplace at their own discretion.

8.2 After withdrawal from the Online Wholesale Marketplace, users must deal with any outstanding orders at the Online Wholesale Marketplace. Alibaba.com has the right to refuse refund of any deposit / remaining service fees (if any), deny re-application for registration of the Online Wholesale Marketplace and/or other cooperation etc. according to the circumstances.


Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions

Article 9 Effectiveness and Acceptance  

9.1 These Rules will come into force from the date of issuance. Alibaba.com will amend and revise these Rules from time to time in light of the actual operating needs of the Online Wholesale Marketplace, and publish such amendment or revision at the Alibaba.com International Platform and/or the Online Wholesale Marketplace. The revised Rules will come into force on the date of publication or date otherwise specified.

9.2 If a user has any objection to these Rules or the updated version, the user must immediately cease use of the services of the Online Wholesale Marketplace. Users placing or performing online orders or actually utilizing services relating to the Online Wholesale Marketplace will be deemed as having accepted and acknowledged these Rules.

10.        In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Rules, the Chinese version shall always prevail.