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Understanding of Image Copyright Infringement


A picture is worth a thousand words.  A clear image helps you to effectively display your product features, but you are reminded to publish images that are created by yourself or your agent.  Unauthorized use of photo of another constitutes copyright infringement and shall incur penalty once reported successfully.  Please visit Intellectual Property Rights Protection Policyfor details.


A. Examples of image copyright infringement

1. I used search engine AB and found some product images that are quite nice.  Can I copy the images, add on watermark of our company CD, and display them as our products?

  • No, this is not allowed.  



2. I did not use the exact image of another, but copied and edited the image of another before use.  Is there a violation?

  • This is copyright infringement and is not allowed.

Original:  alt   Edited:altalt


Notice: Copying, cropping, zooming of an image of another or combining with another image are all examples of copyright infringements as shown below.





3. From the Internet I found some nice images showing the products exactly the same as what I am selling.  Can I copy and use them?

  • No, selling products that are same as others’ does not automatically grant you the right to use another’s copyright.



B. How to avoiding image copyright infringement

1. Take your own product images but not to copy images from others anywhere such as website or product catalog.

2. Keep the original images or files to avoid being copied without permission.