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Visa Service Restriction Announcement

 May 20, 2015


Effective July 13, 2015, Alibaba.com will implement a restriction on the posting of listings related to visa services. In order to provide buyers with a healthy and secure platform, only Gold Suppliers that can provide a business registration with operating scope covering related services will be permitted to post these listings.


Gold Suppliers with listings in this category should send a valid copy of their business registration document to ban_limit@service.alibaba.com, along with Member ID details, before July 13, 2015.


Note: all non-compliant listings will be removed on or after July 13, 2015. Alibaba.com will reserve the right to impose penalties (0.5 points).




If any Member has any questions about this announcement, please contact our Customer Service Center:

China Gold Supplier: +86-400-8261688

Global Gold Suppler: +86-571-88157920 or email: service@service.alibaba.com

Free Member: email: alibaba@service.alibaba.com



1.   How and where can I submit related documents?

You could send a valid copy of business registration document to ban_limit@service.alibaba.com, along with Member ID details. Please be sure the company name of your business license match with your registration information on Alibaba.com.



2.   How can I became a Gold Supplier?

You could click here for more information.

If you also could email to goldsupplier@member.alibaba.com learn more.


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