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Alibaba Trade Assurance Notice on Integrity

March 4, 2015

Dear Trade Assurance users,

The purpose of the Trade Assurance service is to help suppliers accumulate trust through their business transactions. It is designed to enable suppliers to demonstrate their excellence and gain the recognition of buyers. The basic principle of the service is to make trust visible through high quality data. This way, buyers will have greater confidence and place more orders!

For this reason, all suppliers who join the Trade Assurance service must conduct their business with integrity by strictly following the service agreements and rules as well as Alibaba.com’s regulations.

All the acts described below as well as all other illegal or bad faith actions will be dealt with strictly by Alibaba.com in accordance with the relevant rules. The punitive measures may include but are not limited to: lowering the supplier’s Trade Assurance coverage amount, removing the supplier’s Trade Assurance qualifications and closing the supplier’s Alibaba.com account.

First category: Creating fake IDs, misusing other people’s accounts, identity theft, false representation, etc.
Second category: Fake orders, products, logistics information, payment information, etc.
Third Category: Customs fraud, fraudulent export tax rebates, malicious collusion with buyers, money laundering, etc.

Alibaba will work with our suppliers to continuously improve the Trade Assurance service and create an ecosystem of trust for Chinese suppliers involved in international trade. Together, we can create value for both buyers and suppliers!