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Announcement on Further Strengthening Control against Child Pornography

Recently, we found some members selling child-like inflatable dolls. Alibaba.com hereby reiterates that child pornography is strictly prohibited in most countries and cultures, and products involving or allegedly involving child pornography are strictly banned on Alibaba.com. All members must obey the laws, regulations and platform rules.

      To ensure adult products are legitimately listed, we set forth the following rules:

(1) Inflatable dolls under 140 cm (excluding 140 cm) in height are prohibited on Alibaba.com;

(2) Product description shall not include any explicit or implicit information about juveniles.

For more information, see [Interpretation of Enforcement Actions for Displaying Prohibited and Controlled Items] Alibaba.com Adult Products Category.

      All members are requested to check their products and remove all products violating the above and related rules. Alibaba.com will increase its efforts to eliminate such non-compliant products from now on, including but not limited to taking down the product postings and / or deducting points. For those who have refused to make rectifications despite repeated admonition, violated the rules repeatedly, have been criticized by regulators and/or denounced by key media, or have committed other serious violations, Alibaba.com will take corresponding measures according to the severity of the violations, including without limitation removal of product listing, deduction of points, restricted access on Alibaba.com, or account termination.


Thank you for your understanding and support.



August 31, 2020