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Announcement on Imminent Rectification of FDA References in Product Attributes

Dear Alibaba.com members,


        To further standardize the use and referencing of product certificates on our platform, members will be notified of any inappropriate FDA-related product references under "My Alibaba- Products- Products Task", effective from today..


Phase I rectification targets products that refer to "FDA" in their product attributes. Please see details as follows:

      Rectification period: August 24-30, 2020. Products which have not been rectified will be removed by batch on August 31.

      Method: Products at issue can be found under "My Alibaba- Products- Products Task" after logging on to My Alibaba.

      Rectification requirements: Remove any references to "FDA" in the product attributes. If product attributes contain word(s) other than "FDA", you are only required to remove the reference to "FDA". You are advised to remove the entire product attribute if "FDA" is the only product attribute listed to avoid adverse impact on product score.


Note: An "operation in batch" option is available for the above rectification. Such option applies only to product attributes containing additional word(s) other than "FDA". Members are required to delete "FDA" manually if "FDA" is the only product attribute listed.


        Subsequent regulatory control and measures will be taken against references to FDA in product titles, descriptions, etc. Please refer to "Guidelines on Usage of FDA References” - https://rule.alibaba.com/rule/detail/11002766.htm?spm=a271m.8038972.1999288231.2.1aa06d82KKe5i0 for further details.


   This announcement is effective from August 24, 2020. Members are kindly asked to raise their awareness of correct FDA related citations and remedy any inappropriate references in a timely manner. Should you have any questions, please contact your account manager or call 4008261688 for assistance.