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Temporary Measures on Members’ Admission for Listing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on Alibaba.com


In light of the disruptions being caused by COVID-19 around the world and our long-standing commitment to maintaining a safe and well operated platform, Alibaba.com has decided to introduce new policies on the selling of personal protective equipment. PPE will not be allowed to be sold without admission as an approved seller. In order to list PPE on Alibaba.com, existing members must apply for admission as an approved seller. The application process will require them to upload relevant product quality standard certificates, such as CE or FDA certification, among other requirements. For details on the specific requirements of the application process, please visit this page(medical-use PPE)and this page(non-medical-use PPE).

Going forward, any PPE listed on Alibaba.com by members who have not obtained the aforementioned approval by April 03, 2020 will be removed from listing.  

Members who attempt to circumvent the admission rules with ill intent, deliberately mismatch products and their corresponding details, wrongfully mis-categorize products, put up false, misleading or exaggerated advertisements, or commit any other breach of platform rules would be subject to penalties in accordance with the platform rules ranging from removal of product listing, points deduction, restricted access on Alibaba.com, to account termination.

Meanwhile, members are reminded that rules on transactions, intellectual property rights, prohibited and controlled items, and price gouging are still in force. Any violation of such rules will incur penalties at the sole discretion of Alibaba.com.

Thank you for your support and attention to these new measures.



April 03, 2020