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Advice on Cautiously Trading Medical Supplies During The Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Dear Alibaba.com members,

Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Alibaba.com has been closely monitoring the non-compliant behavior of members in advertising for sale, purchasing, selling and importing medical supplies. To maintain a healthy trading environment for and to protect the interest of global members, members shall strictly adhere to the applicable laws of the relevant destination countries with respect to medical supplies (including, without limitation, the relevant local licensing and registration requirements for medical supplies and laws with respect to the advertisements of medical supplies and price gouging related laws). Members should also thoroughly discuss and confirm any products standards, expected delivery date, price, customs clearance requirements and/or any other relevant shipment documents before placing orders.

Alibaba.com will be strengthening controls and penalty enforcement over any non-compliant behavior, including but not limited to any deliberate miscategorization of products, exaggerated or false advertising, price gouging and disinformation etc., members are welcome to report any non-compliant behavior via the link.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this global pandemic time.



Mar 27, 2020