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Announcement of revising Alibaba.com International Platform's General Provisions

Dear Users / Members of Alibaba.com,

Since the introduction of the “Alibaba.com International Platform's General Provisions” (“General Rules” or “Rules”) which serves as the fundamental reference within the rules center of Alibaba.com International Platform, there had been several separate revisions made to certain parts of the General Rules (including the content and structure thereof) for the purposes of building the rules center, and to comply with the business development, of Alibaba.com International Platform. This current revision aims to making General Rules more reader-friendly, through merging similar clauses, simplifying the structure and text, and optimizing the indexes.

This revision of Alibaba.com International Platform’s General Provisions is publicized from August 27th,2019, and take effect on September 2nd,2019.



August 27th,2019