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Basic Marketing Rules of Alibaba.com


Version Number:  2019.06.28         Date Updated:2019.07.05

Article 1 In accordance with the Alibaba.com International Platform Rules, these Rules are hereby introduced to regulate the behavior and protect the legitimate rights and interests, of sellers, and to maintain the order of marketing activities on Alibaba.com.

Article 2 These Rules apply to all marketing activities organized or initiated by Alibaba.com (including activities organized by marketing channels, industrial or featured zones of the website).

Article 3 Sellers of Alibaba.com are eligible to participate in the marketing activities provided that they meet the following conditions:

1.The sellers shall be either the users of Export Link or Global Plus, or Verified Suppliers of Alibaba.com in mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. The term of their Alibaba.com memberships shall not expire any time before 30 days after the end of any marketing activity. Notwithstanding that, even if the term of their Alibaba.com memberships is expiring within 30 days after the end of any marketing activity, the sellers will still be eligible, provided that they have agreed to renew their memberships and the relevant membership fees have been received by Alibaba.com.

2.The Trade Assurance logos are being used and displayed by the Sellers in a normal manner.

3.The penalty points cumulatively incurred by each of the sellers shall be less than 24 points and each of the sellers has not been penalized for more than once for any serious infringement of intellectual property rights.  

4.The sellers are not restricted to participate in the marketing activities due to any violation of national laws and regulations, or of the relevant rules of Alibaba.com (including its affiliates).

Article 4 In addition to the aforementioned conditions, in the course of selecting any seller for participating in any marketing activities, Alibaba.com will in accordance with its overall strategy for any specific marketing activity prioritize those who, in its view, may provide better services to buyers (some of the assessment criteria include but not limited to the suitability of sellers in light of the nature of the marketing activities, buyers' requirements, and sellers' integrity, contract performance, service guarantee etc.).

Article 5 Apart from the qualification requirements stipulated in these Rules, Alibaba.com may impose additional participation requirements for any of its industrial or featured marketing activities, and the sellers shall be bound by such requirements.

Article 6 All documents and information provided by sellers in accordance with any participation requirements (including but not limited to their qualification, products details, etc.) shall be true, valid and not contrary to any national laws and the rules of Alibaba.com.

Article 7 All sellers when participating in any marketing activities of Alibaba.com shall abide by these Rules and the terms stipulated in the marketing activity agreements entered into with Alibaba.com (if any). If any seller has acted in violation of any of the following rules or against any term in the marketing activity agreement, Alibaba.com will take the following measures:

1.Falsifying qualification means that a seller provides false, altered, or fraudulent information or materials when it signs up for a marketing activity. If it is confirmed that any seller has falsified its qualification, the seller will be disqualified from the activity, and 12 penalty points will be imposed on the seller.

2.Scheduling violation means that a seller, after it has been included in the schedule of a marketing activity upon its successful sign-up thereof, quits the activity and thereby affects the overall order of the activity. If it is confirmed that the seller has committed scheduling violation, the seller will be disqualified from the activity.

3.Except as otherwise stipulated in these Rules, other marketing activity rules or agreements, any seller who breaches its undertakings or is involved in any violation in any marketing activity, shall be subject to the rules set out under the heading "Breach of Undertaking" in the “Rules for Enforcement Action against Non-Compliance of Transactions on Alibaba.com” on Alibaba.com.

Article 8 Notwithstanding that a seller has successfully signed up for a marketing activity, if Alibaba.com subsequently discovers that the seller has acted abnormally or in violation of any rules (including but not limited to rights infringement, fraud, false transactions, money laundering, and other acts which breach any law or rule), whether before or in the course of the marketing activity (including but not limited to product release, transaction performance, dispute mediation, self-marketing activities, integrity management, etc.), Alibaba.com shall reserve the right to unilaterally revoke the seller’s participation’s right, or disqualify the seller from participating in the marketing activity or receiving any benefits in relation thereto, and, subject to the severity of the breach, may further restrict the seller from temporarily or permanently sign up for any large annual activities or regular activities organised by Alibaba.com (including but not limited to top-of-line advertising space, online industrial marketing promotion activities, and featured marketing channel activities).

Article 9 In addition to these Rules, Alibaba.com will continuously revise and supplement any implementation related rules, or special rules in relation to industrial and featured marketing activities etc. Matters that are not covered herein shall be handled in accordance with the special rules.

Article 10 These Rules shall take effect upon the expiry of the publicity period. If there is any inconsistency, discrepancy, or conflict between the Chinese version and non-Chinese versions of these Rules, the Chinese version shall prevail.